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Seri was a mild manner office worker just going through the motions each day until she met HER. A magical being from another dimension that needs Seri’s help to save her coworkers and reset the balance of space time before it's too late. Seri uses the magic given to her to save her coworkers by whacking them with a cute bunny wand until they're back to normal. 

A short 20 - 30 minute  surrealist horror but cute experience made for Magical girl game jam #3 using themes Spacetime Curvature and Spooky action at a Distance. With a full story, boss fight and fun optional dialogue depending on your play style. 

CW; Mild themes of Depression, lethargy and Anxiety mixed with fantasy/anime logic. 


You can use Arrows Keys or Mouse to move. 

Z Or Enter to interact and confirm. 

X Or Right click to Cancel and open menu. 

All art, story, characters, sprites and songs are made by; @Hikitsun.

also find me at @Pandizuzzy.

Cover Art made by Mrbunny9

Sound effects are RTP. 

Special thanks to 

Mrbunny9 & Rainbowcookies2 For playtesting and grammar checking! 

Plugin credits






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Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?

Oh gosh, Of course!! thank you ; O ; Feel free to send me links!!! i love watching people play! <3 



Reminds of Madoka Magica^^


Short and sweet, I really enjoyed playing this game and although I don't have a lot of money to spend on games, I'd probably save up to buy this if it cost money. But aside from that, the premise was fun if a little depressing. Idk something about the final boss just needing a hug, warms my heart.

Anyway, great game, fun and unique in all the ways I was looking for. Looking forward to new projects!


Great game with a lot of style, I loved everything, from the art (Specially the character portraits), to the characters, and of course the story; I really liked how HER was turning into different animals the while time and that we get to team up with her.

I just had a little trouble with the last boss (And the papers) and didn't manage to finish the game 8( But nonetheless I enjoyed it a lot, Don't listen to the other comment that was saying mean things, the story is a great take on magical girls (Wish we could end work exhaustion like this) I don't mind the bosses with a lot of HP because otherwise the game would be too short and the rest, well this is a gamejam game after all, there is a limit of content that you can add on a certain amount of time, the anatomy? pfft It's a great art style!

If you ever want to expand on this particular game and story or do something similar I will be glad to play it.

Ah! Thanks so much for playing and for the lets play too! it was a really fun watch!! and soo soooo much for the very kind words, they really mean a lot. <3 

It's good but I have no clue how to get past the boss lol


Thank you so much for playing!! yeah that rng is so tough that you have to use last resort twice lol. there's actually a secret petty if you lose 3 times the boss will go easier on you. <3 


This game was nice. I liked the music and the art style. The snake was my favorite and the final boss wasn’t too hard. Good job.


Oh gosh, Thank you!! really loved the video, it was such a fun watch!! <3 

You're welcome. I'm glad you liked the video.

Yo I loved playing your game the character design and world we're it's highest point the combat was a little repetitive but anyway I would pay for a full game <3 . Also made a Let's play 


That Dio joke!! omg, lmao thanks so much for the video and for playing!! <3 


Its very meh,the story is paper thin the bosses are meaty af and use strong moves,leveling up,getting items would make the game better and some more context                        a friend of mine had problems with the art style as the anatomy felt wierd for them  

Oh gosh, sorry it wasn't your cup of tea. thanks for playing anyway! <3 

Next time we need to deal with office depression make sure to transform into sailormoon? XD Anyways, a very nice game! Just wish there was more color. 

Lmao, oh gosh. Thanks so much for playing!!! <3 

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great jobs

AH! Thank you! <3 and thanks so much for the video! 


Pretty neat RPG Maker game! The art was nice! I really liked the last boss’s design! I kinda wish there was a little more to interact with in the world. Maybe some extra items to find or a skill to learn. But given the short length, it’s a minor issue. I did run into some bugs where I walked over and through some characters and tables. Overall though, it was a short and sweet experience! 


Omg! Thanks so much for playing!! you can actually talk to and walk through all the character, it's that way bc it was crazy easy to get stuck behind them and have to restart lmao. I deff should have added some dialogue to indicate that though. thanks for the critiques, I'll keep them in mind for my next game. The video was a fun watch! <3